Greater Collinwood Development Corporation



Greater Collinwood
Development Corporation

The mission of Greater Collinwood Development is to advance equitable and inclusive economic development, community engagement and neighborhood stabilization & revitalization strategies within the communities we serve. 

To achieve these goals, GCDC focuses its work in the following key areas:

  • real estate development

  • housing initiatives

  • community engagement programs

  • business support services, and

  • neighborhood planning. 




15614 St Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44110 
Ph: (216) 383-9772
Fax: (216) 531-8459

➤ Five pointe Community center

813 East 152nd St.
Cleveland, OH 44110
Ph: (216) 268-2138
Fax: (216) 268-2157


News & Events

Collinwood Observer

The Collinwood Observer is a community newspaper that reflects the news, opinions and current events throughout the greater Collinwood area of Cleveland, Ohio. The print edition debuted Sept. 24, 2009.

To see the most recent edition of the Collinwood Observer, click here!


The Scoop On Collinwood

The Scoop on Collinwood is an asset-based community organizing project designed to bring residents and other stakeholders along a ‘continuum of welcome’ into the Collinwood community.

The Scoop rounds up events, programs, arts and eats in the area, then shares them out in an engaging print edition, The Scoop on Summer, and year-round website.

To see upcoming events in Collinwood, click here!