Greater Collinwood Development Corporation

Become a Member!


Become a Member!

GCDC Membership is available to individuals who reside in or have an interest in the Corporation’s geographic footprint, and to organizations that conduct business or provide a service in the Corporation’s geographic footprint. Membership consists of four categories and a member must declare his or her membership category at the time of joining or renewing membership. A member can belong to only one membership category. Complete and submit a membership application and remit the required annual dues. A member in Good Standing means a member has paid annual dues and participates in at least one (1) GCDC-sponsored community event or initiative per year.


The Greater Collinwood Development Corporation (GCDC) is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to advance equitable and inclusive economic development, community engagement and neighborhood stabilization and revitalization strategies within the service area. The service area includes East 131st to the west, Lake Erie to the north, East 200th to the east, and Woodworth and Lancaster to the south.


Your presence in our community contributes to the positive character and well-being of our neighborhood. If you would like to do more to help shape our future, become a member today. As a member, you will be eligible to vote on special neighborhood initiatives at the Annual Meeting or other GCDC-sponsored community meetings.


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Membership Dues
In order to be a Member in Good Standing, you must be current in payment of your annual dues. This online form is for convenience; upon filling it out, you must complete membership registration and remit the below agreed amount for the membership in person at the Greater Collinwood Development Corporation Office, located at 15614 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44110.
$10 Residential member - A Residential member is defined as an individual, at least 18 years of age or as specified by the Board of Directors, who resides within the Corporation’s geographic footprint. $25 Non-profit member - A Non-Profit member is defined as an organization that provides educational, religious, arts & culture, health and social services such as schools, houses of worship, libraries, or hospitals. $50 Business member - A Business member is defined as an establishment conducting business or selling products and services within the Corporation’s geographic footprint. $15 Affiliate member - An Affiliate Member is defined as an individual residing outside the Corporation’s Neighborhood and interested in its welfare. (PLEASE NOTE: Affiliate members are not eligible to vote.)